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Our Dream:

In 2011, Yvonne and Roel opened one of the first Hispanic family-owned insurance agencies in the Tri-Cities.


It all began with a shared dream and a deep love for their community. From their humble beginnings, they set out to create a place where every family could feel secure and protected.

Yvonne and Roel have dedicated over a decade to this beautiful area, pouring their all into their mission of providing transparent and informed advice.


They believe that every family deserves to understand their  options and choose the best policies to safeguard their futures.

Yvonne and Roel personally greet each person, taking the time to listen, explain, and find the perfect policy. Their commitment goes beyond business; it's about building relationships and ensuring every family feels supported.

Experience care of a family who truly understands the importance of protecting what matters most. Discover the difference of personalized service, and let them help you find peace of mind for your family’s future.

Kassandra Rojas

Insurance Broker WA/OR


Roel Rojas

Insurance Broker WA


Yvonne Rojas

Insurance Broker


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